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Intragastric Balloon Treatment for Obesity

Method for fast weight loss without surgery, with a brief endoscopic procedure without discomfort, with high efficacy against obesity

This innovative solution making this outpatient procedure in the Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Unit, directed by Dr. Julio Alejandro Murra Saca. In the Republic of El Salvador.

Given that in the last decade, the number of obese people increases dramatically, now have been a number of therapeutic approaches to control this disease, as in the case of Intragastric Balloon.

How does the intragastric balloon work

Once in place, the balloon is filled with a saline and partially fill the stomach, helping a person to feel less hungry, so that they may consume smaller portions of food and experience similar satisfaction to what they would have previously experienced after consuming a larger meal.

How is the gastric balloon procedure performed?

The balloon is introduced into the stomach through the mouth without the need for surgery. The doctor inserts an endoscopic camera (gastroscope) into the stomach. If no abnormalities are observed, the balloon is placed through the mouth and down the oesophagus into the stomach. Once inside the stomach, it is then filled with a sterile saline solution, through a small filling tube attached to the balloon. Once filled, the doctor removes the tube by gently pulling on the external end, leaving the balloon inside the stomach.

This procedure is performed by a qualified specialist gastroenterologist alongside an anaesthetist and trained nursing staff at several day surgeries and private hospitals throughout within Sydney.

Placement of the balloon takes approximately 20 minutes, after which patients are monitored by nursing staff in the recovery bay. As this is a "day-only" procedure, patients are generally discharged home within two hours after balloon insertion.

Who is the intragastric balloon suitable for?

The intragastric balloon is designed to assist with weight loss in people who ideally have 10 to 30 kilograms of weight to lose. The minimum BMI is for individuals with a BMI of 27 and greater.

It is also used for people who are not suitable for other forms of weight loss surgery. The use of the Gastric Balloon may assist in reducing weight prior to surgery, therefore reducing the risks associated with surgical procedures on overweight patients.

How long is does the Gastric Balloon stay in the stomach

The Gastric Balloon can be placed in the stomach for a six-month period. Should your doctor recommend use of the balloon for longer than six months, it is necessary that the balloon be replaced with a new one when the six-month interval has been met.


Intragastric Balloon This method is for people who want to lose weight quickly and failed with every diet, medications and multiple alternatives.

It is one of the most innovative techniques, safe and effective to help lose weight.
Dr. Julio Murra-Saca gastroenterologist explains that therapeutic endoscopy Air Balloon,
made of three layers of thin silicon, but strong, especially for human use, is inflated inside the stomach by endoscopy, in order to stimulate mechanoreceptors is inside the gastric cavity, so that the patient eats and "is satisfied quickly." The patient does not feel hunger. It soon filled with smaller amounts of foods. By a process which lasts for 10 to 20 minutes,
and after the person has been deeply sedated, The endoscope is introduced through the mouth with which certifies that there are no problems in the upper gastrointestinal tract, as a Cancer or Esophageal varices (Liver Cirrhosis). Later The device is introduced The balloon is inserted through the mouth which comes fully folded into a very thin, flexible tube. Despite the intervention does not last above 20 minutes in less than an hour the patient can go home, this procedure should only be performed by an expert.

Ver nuestro reportaje en video del Globo Intragástrico

The profile of the patient should be the one to "have a body mass index of 30-40 kg per square meter of surface, or it is too obese and bariatric surgery is contraindicated ", in this case, you "can put the balloon to decrease some weight and put it in top condition for bariatric surgery".

Anyone within the identified body mass index, even patients who have a cardiovascular problem, diabetes or high blood pressure, may be candidates for treatment because the lower your weight the diseases improve or heal the patient benefit greatly. The balloon, is imported from France, with an average life of six months, must be removed by endoscopy and other procedures provided by mouth once the patient has reached the ideal weight and "is convinced to bring a diet and exercise, adequate ".

Once implanted the balloon, the patient feell a minimal discomfort the first two or three days, such as vomiting, nausea and cramping, because the organism enters stage adaptation, but these side effects are temporary, but the good thing is that they lose the patient 6 to 11 pounds. (These effects are minimized by the use of certain medications).

This method of controlling obesity is not a magic bullet for weight loss, because if the person refuses to take a diet and exercise, the balloon will not give the expected results.

However, if the person adheres to a strict discipline, lower average of 15-30 kilos over the course of six months, as there are patients "who are down to ten kilos in the first month of placement." Depending on the degree of obesity that have: mild, severe or morbid.

This radiograph demonstrates the important place occupied by the balloon inside the stomach.
This type of balloon is quite sure manufactured of soft material that is not harmful to the gastric mucosa.

Precio: Globo de aire importado de Francia, aquí en nuestro país $3,850.00 Dólares más IVA, eso incluye el precio del balón, honorarios profesionales, alquiler del equipo de VideoEndoscopia de alta resolución y medicamentos para la sedación, un DVD donde es grabado la endoscopia y la colocación del balón y un reporte fotográfico digital.

No incluyen gastos de extracción. El Globo de aire, el cual es el más fino con tres capas de material especial para ser resistente a los ácidos gástricos, en España el costo es de €5,000 a €7,000 euros, en Canadá al rededor de 5,000 a 6,000 Dólares Canadienses.

Esta innovadora solución efectuando este procedimiento ambulatorio en la Unidad de Endoscopia Gastrointestinal, que dirige el Dr. Julio Alejandro Murra Saca. En la República de El Salvador.

Para más información del Globo Intragástrico:
Consulte nuestra Página Web:. www.mibalongastrico.com

¿The advantages of the intragastric balloon?

Not require surgery, It is placed through the mouth by endoscopy
The intragastric balloon, ccupy a space in the stomach,
It does not require general anesthesia, is placed under sedation.
The intragastric balloon makes the food ingested is retained in the stomach for longer, resulting fullness and satiety for longer after eating.
Not require hospitalization, the patient is at the medical office, only 1 hour approx.
It is useful in patients who are overweight or obese
It is reversible, the balloon is removed at 6 months, and removal is also by endoscopy.
Intragastric Balloon This method is for people who want to lose weight quickly and failed with every diet, medications and multiple alternatives. .
Very low or no risk of nutritional disorders.
As not require surgery or general anesthesia is a procedure of low risk of complications.

With the intragastric balloon can reach
to have the body you always dreamed .

By the International prestigious Dr. Julio Alejandro Murra Saca was invited to give a lecture on the intragastric balloon in the International Congress of the Mexican Association of Diabetic Foot and the Eighth Congress of the College of Surgeons state of Chiapas in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez on August 11, 2007.

 Video Endoscopy Intragastric Balloon inside of the stomach

The first photograph of Video Endoscopy (left) shows the balloon immediately passing the gastroesophageal junction which is the exact place where it is placed.

The second image shows the endoscopic balloon into the stomach. The Gastric Balloon is made ​​of soft material is completely inert and cause no damage, and our experience shows that it is safe.

The intragastric balloon with a weight of 35 grams and completely airtight, "Is to get the patient to a process where has learn to eat”, to lose weight, the person must be convinced and want to do it, because otherwise "even have surgery or will put the intragastric balloonl", will remain obese, causing more serious illnesses. Currently, one of the advantages of the gastric balloon is to be a procedure to be placed on more than one occasion.

This procedure is totally OUTPATIENT (no surgery). It is a minimally invasive technique. This method can decrease complications associated with surgical procedures. It is one of the most innovative techniques, safe and effective to help lose weight. It creates a feeling of fullness, satiety and satisfaction with little food. Improve your quality of life by increasing their self-esteem. It will give you the freedom to live life to the fullest.As with any procedure, the person has to psych and become aware to the Gastric Balloon process.