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  • Dr. Julio Alejandro Murra Saca
    Médico Gastroenterólogo

  • Tel: (503) 2226-3131, 2225-3087, 2530-3334 al 37

  • Edificio Centro Scan, Colonia Médica

  • San Salvador, El Salvador

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Atlas de Video Endoscopia Gastrointestinal de El Salvador

Welcome to the website of Dr. Julio Alejandro Murra Saca, a leader in gastroenterology in the Republic of El Salvador.

On this website you will have the opportunity to documented most of the digestive system diseases and prevent serious diseases such as time cancers.

One of the main objectives of our job is the prevention and detection of different types of cancer of the digestive system, such the gastric and colon.
Our clinic currently has and uses the best equipment worldwide, as the last generation Olympus excera endoscopes, which are able to produce a high definition images with zoom; in our arsenal of specialized resources we count on magnification endoscopes, capable of increasing the size of an image up to 150x. All the clinical studies we make are simultaneously recorded on DVD, which is given to the patients, to see the inner part of their organism; they also get a digital photographic report.

Our Clinic is the first medical clinic in El Salvador Certified with ISO 9000 Quality Standards.

The Gastroenterology Clinic of Dr. Julio Murra Saca Alejandro Staying as a leader in the gastroenterology service in the Republic of El Salvador enjoys a national and international prestige, which is dedicated to treat diseases of the Upper and Lower Digestive and diseases of the Liver and Biliary Tract. One of the main objectives is to prevent and detect cancers Digestive and Gastric Cancer and Colon.

In GI endoscopy Our Experience is more than 25 years. All studies of endoscopy of the upper and lower digestive tract are under a special sedation the patient feels no malaise, no pain etc. The endoscopes are rigorously sterilized in sophisticated electronic machines.

Gastroenterologo El Salvador

Julio Murra-Saca, MD. Received from Dr. John Petrini President of the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 2008-2009 Audio Visual Award 2009 by the work Infectious Colitidis "Infectious Colitis" global distinction. June 1, 2009 at McCormick Place, Chicago. Just as in 2005.

Gastroenterologo El Salvador
Julio Alejandro Murra-Saca, MD (left) receives the Award "Audio-visual 25th Annual Award 2005".
From Stuart Sherman, MD of the American Association for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, May 16, 2005
at McCormick Place in Chicago on the Digestive Disease Week DDW. Digestive Disease Week,
The American Digestive Week is considered the largest and most prestigious world congress of gastroenterology.

Gastroenterologo El SalvadorDr. David J. Bjorkman President of The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy presents Dr. Julio Murra-Saca recipient of the 2005 Audio Visual Award at Crystal Awards Dinner in Chicago.

Centro Scan

Centro de tomografía axial Computarizada de El Salvador, caracterizado por alta tecnología y líder en tecnología.

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Servicio Hospitalario y consulta ambulatoria A través de los procesos de recepción y admisión, emergencia, encamados, servicios de apoyo.

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Método para perder peso
Rápidamente sin cirugía, con un breve procedimiento endoscópico sin molestias, con alta eficacia contra la obesidad.

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